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  • What if I told you- that owning your own hybrid battery reconditioning equipment was the best option?

    Most people think that owning their own hybrid battery reconditioning equipment is out of their price range or a process that they could not accomplish themselves. That couldn't be further from the truth. The truth is that most hybrid battery reconditioning companies that are selling used "reconditioned" hybrid batteries online are in fact using our equipment, taking in a customer core return, reconditioning your old forfeited hybrid battery and re-selling it to someone else down the line for major profits.

    If you knew that you had access to the same equipment as the refurb companies instead of buying someone else's battery. If you knew that you could keep your existing pack and recondition it yourself, without removing the battery from the vehicle in most cases. If you knew that you were able to have an interface to connect and disconnect to the on-board hybrid battery periodically to balance it whenever you chose to in the future so that you could extend the life of your existing battery and keep it balanced, why wouldn't you want to own your own equipment, invest in real tangible tools, learn something new and have something to show for the money you spent instead of giving your battery to the refurb company and having nothing more than you did when you started the process, except an empty wallet?

    We don't know either... Which is why we started the journey of bringing these tools to everday consumers almost two decades ago. So we could empower hybrid vehicle owners to take control of their own hybrid battery health and not be the victim of the dealership. Companies that are trained to tell customers that their only option is a several thousand dollar battery replacement. Take your power back and take control over your hybrid battery health with Maxx Volts Charging and Pro Automatic Discharging Systems for less than it costs for a used "reconditioned" hybrid battery.

  • Maxx Volts adds Ford Escape Hybrid LOW HYBRID BATTERY VOLTAGE Recovery Charger Tool to its growing list of Hybrid Vehicle Charger Products!!

    Maxx Volts has released our 2005-2012 Ford Escape Hybrid low voltage hybrid battery recovery tool. Ford Escapes with a "NO START" condition caused by the high voltage battery being too low of voltage to meet the minimum working threshold can be brought back to life with our NIMH hybrid battery charging system. This emergency tool can get your Ford Escape Hybrid back into READY mode and able to start and resume battery management by the on board battery control module. This is a tool that every Ford Escape Hybrid owner should have!