Maxx Volts Charger Model Comparison Tool

Our 4 Different Charger Lines and Features:
EL-1 Entry Level
Premium Standard
Advanced Programmable
WiFi Compatible Programmable
Price Range
< $239
< $349
< $415
< $469
180 Days
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
Mounting & Usage
Trunk Only
Rear Seat Port
Rear Seat Port
Rear Seat Port
Wiring Harness
1 Piece Trunk
2 Piece Modular
2 Piece Modular
2 Piece Modular
Intermediate Cable
Docking Port w/ Cap
High Vis LED Fan
Auto Shut Off
WiFi Compatibility
Smartphone Control
Energy Monitoring
IFTTT Text Alerts
Control from Anywhere
Pro Discharger Compatible
18 Gauge Copper Wiring
Military Grade Wiring
Twist and Lock Connectors
Crimping, Soldering
Custom Pinned Heatsink
500VDC Voltmeter
Ammeter Displays Current