Maxx Volts Pro Automatic Discharger

Maxx Volts Pro Automatic Discharger

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Maxx Volts Pro Automatic Load based, hybrid battery discharger with thermal management. (No cheap light bulbs with jagged load and constant bulb changes around the clock)

Just connect to the hybrid battery through your existing Maxx Volts Charger harness already in your vehicle and equipped with discharge capability and let it run uninterrupted. No additional inputs or action required until you are ready to connect charger again.

Once discharging is complete, just reconnect your Maxx Volts Charging System to the wiring harness and complete the charging procedure again.

This process can be repeated anywhere from 1-5 times to top and bottom balance the battery pack ,erase memory effect and break up nickel metal hydride crystalline dendrites that can affect capacity, internal resistance and heat within the pack.

This is a severe duty service tool designed as the next step if charging alone does not produce adequate results on its own. Its the last step in the reconditioning process prior to stick or module replacement.

*Chargers and dischargers are not designed to repair or fix physically or chemically damaged sticks or modules including those leaking electrolyte fluid. If these sticks or modules are present in the pack, they must be replaced in the process of working with an undamaged battery pack.