Lexus GS450H HV-EL1 Grid Charger
Lexus GS450H HV-EL1 Grid Charger

Lexus GS450H HV-EL1 Grid Charger

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The Maxx Volts HV EL-1  'Discharge Ready' Extreme High Voltage Battery Charger is recommended for 40 module batteries that are starting to show signs of deterioration or "out of balance". This version of our systems are compatible with the Maxx Volts HV Pro Automatic Dischargers.

This system is designed to have the one piece wiring harness installed in the vehicle by following our easy to understand online install video. Once installed, the user will have an easy place to connect and disconnect the charger from the vehicle so they can balance the hybrid battery pack on an as needed maintenance basis.

The included Discharge Ready option allows for easy 'Plug-and-play' addition of a Maxx Volts Pro Discharger later, if deemed beneficial after first using the charging system.

Package includes:

  • Maxx Volts HV EL-1 Entry Level Hybrid Battery Grid Charger
  • Maxx Volts "Discharge Capable" year, make and model specific vehicle wiring harness
  • Hybrid Battery cooling fan support runs battery cooling system during charging no matter which model charger you select. All supported.
  • AC power cord 120vac input (for domestic US customers)
  • Vibration proof patented military grade wiring taps
  • Online Video or PDF Installation guide depending on vehicle
  • General Use Operating Instructions
  • 180 day power supply warranty for EL-1 model chargers