HONDA & toyota HYBRID  ima / traction




All premium chargers and accessories include a TWO YEAR WARRANTY against manufacturer defect or power supply failure from the original date of purchase covering the original buyer for the three premium models listed on our direct website here:

The EL-1 (Entry-Level) budget model line is covered by a shorter 6 month warranty from power supply failure.

Requests for service or repair must be emailed to maxxvolts @ along with proof of purchase to receive a valid RMA # .

Any service requests will require a valid RMA#.

There are no returns or exchanges on electronic charging systems or electronic tools whatsoever. No packages will be accepted at our logistics center without a VALID RMA#. If you have a valid RMA# package, we will provide the shipping center information needed for the label after the RMA is approved.  No other packages will be accepted without prior approval.

Our systems are designed for end user consumers and warranty is offered for direct consumer use only. Commercial use in a battery refurbishment commercial environment,  operation of a year/make/model specific charger on a different year/make/model vehicle or hybrid battery for which the original system was not designed to be used for and/or modification of original year/make/model specific wiring harness (cutting/modifying/changing terminals), improper connection (reversing) of IMA fan cooling system control wires (custom heat shrink printed with exact location to connect to "fool-proof"), starting the vehicle and/or driving while charger is connected to wiring harness or connected to docking port will be subject to warranty being null and void. Using non Maxx-Volts authentic wiring harness to connect charger to vehicle. Damage from any of the above circumstances despite being outlined not to do in the included required reading materials and instructions will be subject to a service fee if damage occurs from not following the instructions that came with the system.

Sorry, we will not allow a buyer to use our system to charge their battery, pass smog testing, etc and return our system afterwards.